The Artist Guild

The purpose of the Artist Guild of The Arts Center in Clemson is to provide unified support for the mission of The Arts Center to “provide exceptional arts education and make art accessible and exciting to our community.” The Artist Guild is an auxiliary organization of The Arts Center that serves the needs of Member Artists by providing a voice for members in the programs, events and exhibits at The Arts Center. The Artist Guild of The Arts Center members agree

  • to promote, establish and maintain high standards of art among the members
  • to promote the study and improvement of fine art
  • to encourage artists to participate in events, competitions and invitationals
  • to participate in educational programs to increase the knowledge and talent of all its members
  • to stimulate the cooperation and free communication among members
  • to be an active participant in bringing the arts to and supporting the arts in our area communities through their association with The Arts Center
  • an Artist Guild membership is $50.00 annually
Artist Card


As we kick off 2016, we wanted to try a new idea for the Artist Guild meetings. Meetings will continue to be around programs designed to inspire and help artists with their work. However, rather than meeting as a large group once a month, the Guild will meet once a quarter and split off to meet as smaller studio groups. Here’s how it will work:
2016 Meeting Calendar
The Artist Guild meetings will be held on the second Thursday in the last month of the quarter. Social from 6:30 to 7:00PM and studio breakouts from 7:00 to 9:00PM. Mark your calendars!
1 QTR: Thursday, March 10 – Social/Networking & Studio Breakouts
2 QTR: Thursday, June 9 – Social/Networking & Studio Breakouts
3 QTR: Thursday, September 8 – Social/Networking & Studio Breakouts
4 QTR: Thursday, December 8 – Holiday Social Event


2016 Meeting Focus

Prior to the March, June and September meetings the Clay, Painting, Photography and Jewelry Studio Directors will publish a challenge/project to be completed by Guild members. (March Studio Projects are provided below.) Guild members participating in the challenge should bring their completed project to the meeting to share with others. Participating in the challenge is completely voluntary. If you are unable or don’t want to participate, please come to the meeting anyway and see what others have done. The idea is that potters will talk shop with potters, jewelers with jewelers, painters with painters and so on – giving everyone the opportunity to learn something new specific to their area of interest and enjoy fellowship with like-minded enthusiasts! Or, come learn about a medium that’s new to you.





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