Artists’ Guild Members

Below is a current list of our Artists’ Guild Members.  Please visit their websites to view their art.

Membership in the Artists’ Guild is open to all artists-hobbyist to professional.

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Courtney Barnwell
Pat Brown
Marty Bynum
Eleanor Castle
Troleum Dawson
Denise Day
Stan DuBose
Lisa Eister
Martha Ervin
Evelyn Fisher
Katie Flack
Jan Geist
Jill Gemmill
Dixie Haywood
Susan Hilligoss
Dana Howard
Libby Imbody
Patricia Kerko
Patricia Knowles
Pamela Latour
Tina Lemay
Connie Lippert
Lenore Malin
Joey Manson
Susan McCalister
Larry McCollough
Marvin-Joe Merck
Nancy Oppenheimer
Yvonne Park
Nancy Perry
Olga Reukova
Robert Seel
Yank Sefton
Lin Sell
Dorris Sias
Lori Solymosi
Mindy Spearman
Patricia Stalb
Meredith Walker
Nancy Warmath
Akasha Wood
Michael Wood
Teresa Young


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