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Photography Studio Director
Kat Richey


Kat Richey

grew up in Greenwood but moved to the area several years ago. Over the last two years, she has been commissioned to paint the murals at both the Oconee Heritage Center in Walhalla and the Agriculture Museum in Pendleton. She is an avid drawer, painter, and photographer. To add to her long list of talents, Kat is also the Photography Studio Director for the ARTS Center.




Services offered:

Private lessons available in digital or darkroom photography.

Large format printing, slide and film scanning.  Photoshop and Illustrator software in use. 
For more information contact Kat Richey at or



2D & 3D Art Photo Shoot with Kat Richey
Saturday, August 5, 19 or 26 from 1-3pm or 3-5pm
Bring 3-5 pieces of art and in a private 2 hour session, a professional photographer will create images, with your feedback, driving creativity and representation of your work.
  You will receive files that can be printed or uploaded online for catalogues and online presentation
Cost $70.00


Adventures in Manual with Kat Richey
Saturdays, August 5 10am-12pm and August 19 & 26 9am-12pm
This course is for ages 12+. Learn everything you need to know about using your camera in Manual mode.
  Explore and push the boundaries of your current photography knowledge.  First meeting is in the classroom where we will discover and push all the buttons you never know your camera had.  The second two meetings will be excursions to local parks and downtown areas to practice in different lighting with your instructor nearby to help.  Bring your own camera or borrow one of ours.
Cost $110 (tuition $90; materials $20)



Great Photos Sell! With Catherine Gurri
Wednesdays, September 6-27 6-8pm
Learn to use Photoshop effectively.
  Whether you are taking pictures for your professional website, blog, social media, or clients and friends, we know you want your pics to pack a punch and look amazing.  Learn how to make colors pop and how to erase that bald patch of grass or blemish and any other eyesores from your photos.  Bring your own laptop or work on one of our in-class Macs.  Download a free 7 day trail to start or subscribe to the icloud to get Photoshop on your own computer.
Cost $90.00 (tuition $90)


Pinhole Photo Adventure with Kat Richey
Saturday, September 9 and 23 9am-12pm
Come play in the dark room and make some cool and weird photos!
  This class is recommended fun for all ages 6 to 106! Use one of our pre made cans, enjoy your favorite morning beverages, and discuss and perfect your images in our computer lab after development!
Cost $90.00(tuition $65; materials $25)




Lifestyle Photography with Julie Turner
Tuesdays, October 3-24 6-8pm
Learn to see the beauty in everyday life and discover how to capture it with your camera.
  Do your photos tell the story of your life?  We tend to capture birthdays and vacations, but leave out messy kitchens and afternoon homework.  Morning kisses from a messy-haired toddler, lazy Saturday morning breakfasts, and walks with the dog are the ordinary moments that make our life our own.  As a class, we will practice taking pictures that tell our story and highlight its beauty.  We will discuss working in difficult lighting situations, choosing the best exposure, and documenting versus directing while shooting.  It is recommended that you are familiar with shooting in manual, but not required.
Cost $110.00(tuition $90; material $20)


Selfies! With Kat Richey
Thursdays October 5-26 6-8pm
Tripod, self-timer, Photoshop! Do you love costumes and dressing up?
  Take your selfies to the next level while we enjoy creative projects designed to get you thinking about technique and art!  We will complete multiple exposure and studio lightning projects.  Phones, DSLR, and point and shoot cameras are all welcome!  Bring your own camera and tripod or use ours.
Cost $110.00 (tuition $90; materials $20)




Christmas Card Workshop! with Julie Turner
Mondays November 6,13 &27 6-8pm
For those folks who love DIU but need a little push and want some tips from a pro!
  Christmas decorations around your home cam become lovely backdrops.  Add in the Right lighting and subject posing and you could have an awesome personalized Christmas card to show!  Add text, print it out and have it in the mail before everyone else this year!  Price includes materials for 12 printed cards!
Cost $90.00 (tuition $65; materials $25)


Comics Life Drawing with Kat Richey
Tuesdays, November 7-28 5-7pm
Join us for an intense drawing course melding real life with the fantastical.
  The best way to get great at drawing comic style is to master proportions and drawing from life.  We can learn how to predict where light and shadow should fall in order to create more compelling and realistic action.  Practice foreshortening and shading technique to create dynamic final projects in class.
Cost $115.00 (tuition $90; materials $25)

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