Memory Tile Workshop with Ellen Kochansky



“Come join us at The Arts Center of Clemson as Ellen Kochansky guides us in a workshop called memory tiles. You know the ones just inside our door, honoring Clemson’s 50th birthday in her first collective sculpture. Come learn to make your own! These tiny desk sculptures or larger wall hangings can symbolize and honor a graduation, a birth, a departure, or simply a house cleaning that uncovers treasures too good to throw away. Wrapping and bundling them will be oddly therapeutic! The techniques are simple, and Ellen will show you how. 
All you need to bring is a shoebox full of meaningful goodies. They can be on a single theme…things that can be cut up, or three-dimensional objects, smaller than your hand. We will provide wire, string, and thread in many colors and textures, as well as tiles for your use. You can also bring your own, anything square or rectangular, between 6 inches and 12 inches in any direction, a quarter to a half inch thick. Mounting or hanging details will also be explained, demonstrated, and provided.
The class will run from 10 to 2.  The cost is $45.00.  Bring lunch!
Ellen is a community artist who has lived in the Clemson area for over 40 years, and served in many roles, including trustee of the American Craft Council, and on the board of Larry Abernathy’s Green Ribbon Commission. She is currently director of the Rensing Center, a creative residency program in the woods near Pickens. She has trouble throwing anything away, but often makes “cultural compost”.

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