The City of Clemson Proposes the Building of a New Arts Center.

The Arts Center of Clemson is pleased to share with you the City voted to construct a new Arts Center in the community.  At the beginning of May, The City came to The Arts Center with a proposal for the building and to inform Board and staff a line item was already included in the proposed FY18/19 budget. The plan also includes transforming the vacated space within the Calhoun Bridge Center building into a larger Clemson Area African American Museum.

As the Board and staff of The Arts Center begin to navigate all the details, we are excited about the possibility of expanding our programming and the proposed investment in the arts and cultural life of Clemson.

We estimate that logistics and fundraising will take 2-3 years before construction begins. In the meantime, we will continue to provide the community with educational programming in our existing space.

Thank you for your support of The Arts Center of Clemson.

September 14th Update: 

All the involved organizations have agreed to receive a formal proposal and fee schedule from the consulting firm, The Winkler Group. The City staff will be preparing a RFP for architectural consulting services. Rick Cotton, the City Administrator, anticipates the RFP will take about 45 days for the advertisement and receipt of proposals.