The Arts Center of Clemson invited the community to participate in the Surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse. The principal founder of Surrealism, André Breton, created the technique. Players would write or draw on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal, and then pass it to the next player for further contribution. The surprise at the end comes when you open the paper.

In our version of the game, we grouped participants, mailed individual cards with directions,  received the cards back, and matched up the drawings.
Below is the outcome.

Surrealism was an art movement that began in Europe and was largely influenced by the Dada art movement. The art featured an element of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions. At the time the art movement was associated with political causes such as communism and anarchism.


For more information about Surrealism check out
these resources.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Modern Art
The Guggenheim


Surrealist Artists
André Breton
Jean Arp
Max Ernst
Yves Tanguy
Man Ray
Andre Masson
Rene Magritte
Luis Bunuel
Salvador Dali
Leonora Carrington (not pictured)
For information on each artist click here.


Community Exquisite Corpses

Equiste Corpse 10
Equiste Corpse 9
Equiste Corpse 8
Equiste Corpse 7
Equiste Corpse 6
Equiste Corpse 5
Equiste Corpse 4
Equiste Corpse 3
Equiste Corpse 2
Equiste Corpse 1

Participating Artists in Alphabetical Order

Dipti Bhide
Carolyn Bishop-McLead
Bobbi Coleman
Donald Collins
Billie Conger

Marlene Conger
Dawn Dooley
Claudia Drew
Tabitha Good
Kathryn Gravely

Sophia Hepler
Jackson Higgs
Louise Huey
Wyatt Huey
Theresa Hurst

Mary Kowalski
Bonnie Littrell
Aarti Malhotra
Nancy Martin
Ethel Pettigrew

Joan Phillips
Marcia Radakovich
Connie Scott
Jan Sparks
Jenni Tonkin

Jean Trammell
Rebecca Turner
Bea Turner
Georgie Turner
Henry Turner
Jane Whitten