Adult Drawing Classes


Henna Design with Jyoti Rewetkar

Join Jyoti as she teaches you the basics of henna design and application! Learn the ins and outs of henna, from its history to how long the dye lasts! Students will learn to design henna patterns, and practice in a sketchbook. Jyoti will help students use henna to apply their designs onto their skin. Students can expect to leave with hands-on experience with henna and the knowledge needed to continue their new henna practice!

Date: June 3 + 4
Saturday + Sunday from 10am-11:30

Resident: $30    Non-Resident: $45

Loosen Up: Reinvent your Drawing with Catherine Gurri

This is a class that all levels might enjoy, but is inspired by the adult with some experience who complains that their art feels stiff (a common theme among those who take up art in adulthood.)  Instead of focusing on a single finished product, we will do a series of playful exercises that will expand our understanding of what drawing can be.  We will experiment with a variety of media and techniques to inspire and kickstart creativity for future projects. Be prepared to mix media, use your opposite hand, put on a blindfold and embrace mark making for its own sake.

Date: August 5
Saturday 12-3pm

Resident: $30    Non-Resident: $45

stippling banner

Stippling 101 with Deja Fleming

Learn to create an intriguing image through small dots or specks! Students will become familiar with pen and ink as they build their dots to imitate value and shading. This workshop is beginner friendly. Students will go home with the knowledge of a new style of art and a piece of their own!

Date: June 10th
Saturday from 1-6pm

Date: July 8th
Saturday from 1-6pm

Resident: $40    Non-Resident: $55

stippling 102 banner

Stippling 102 with Deja Fleming

This course was designed as a mixed level course! Beginners are welcome, and will be introduced to stippling- taking home a small completed work. Intermediate level artists will build on their skills developed in Stippling 101. Continue to work with pen and ink to create a larger completed work out of dots or specks.

Date: June 17th
Saturday from 10-4pm

Date: July 15th
Saturday from 10-4pm

Resident: $45    Non-Resident: $60

introduction to poinillism banner

Introduction to Pointillism with Deja Fleming

Learn tips and tricks to build tiny colored dots into a recognizable image! Pointillism is a painting or drawing technique that involves placing small dots of color in close proximity to each other on a canvas to create a larger image. Deja will discuss color theory and composition. This class is beginner friendly. Students can expect to go home with the knowledge of pointillism and 1-2 pieces of their own!

Date: June 24 + 25
Saturday + Sunday from 2-6pm

Date: July 22 + 23
Saturday + Sunday from 2-6pm

Resident: $55    Non-Resident: $70