Instructor: Elaine Bailey

Class: Felt a Wool Hat

Be warm this winter in a felted wool hat.  No sewing - the wet felting process turns fluffy fiber into sturdy felt by wetting, soaping, rolling and tossing. No scratchy hats here, you will work with fine merino wool to make a smooth, colorful and stylish topper.
Felting is a fun and physical activity requiring some upper body strength.  Wear clothes that can get damp and please bring an old bath towel.


Resident: $35

Non-Resident: $50


Instructor: LynneAnn Trask

Class: The Art of Basketry

Learn the basics of basket building with various weaves and techniques. Discover the natural properties of Rattan; then incorporate this knowledge while weaving the material into a beautiful basket. The class would start with the two handled tray, move on to the Library Tote, and finish with the strawberry basket using their newly honed shaping skills. Students can expect to learn all of the basics with the first two baskets, and be ready to tackle more complex shapes with the third.  These are fun projects, the decorative details one can add to each are virtually endless. All tools and materials will be provided.

Please bring a hand towel or an apron to keep your lap dry as you weave.


Resident: $70

Non-Resident: $85