Adult Oil Painting


Instructor: Dr. Ginger Hicks

Class: Landscape Oil Painting

Learn the fundamentals of landscapes and painting with oils.  In this class, we will discuss and practice landscape compositions, oil painting techniques, and color mixing.  Typically, oil paint consists of three properties: pigment (color), binder (oil), and thinner (turpentine is the most popular). The oil and thinner allow for longer drying times, paint consistency, and a variety of techniques and appearances. Join Ginger for a knowledge filled course using this historical medium. Water-based "oil" paints will primarily be used, but in the event that original oil paints are used for comparison, please keep in mind that there will be an odor  from the oil and thinner being used, but the classroom will be well ventilated. Students should bring an original photo of a simple landscape or waterscape (preferably no people or buildings).  This class is for beginning to intermediate painters.

Date: November 3, 10, December 1, and December 8: Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 pm (No Class on November 17 and 24)

Resident: $75

Non-Resident: $90