Our painting studio offers classes in painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration, and collage.  Painting classes include watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, encaustic and more.  Drawing includes pencil, pen & ink, pastels, charcoal, and more.

We offer classes in a range of experience levels, from beginner to advanced.  If you have any questions about if your experience level is appropriate for a specific class you may contact Program Manager, Jackie Roux at 864.633.5051 or jackieroux@explorearts.org

Materials fees are included in the tuition pricing.  You do not need to bring any materials.

Pre-registration is required three days before the start of class or workshop.
You are not registered unless paid in full.

Questions about our programming? Need help registering?
Call or email info@explorearts.org



(Teen and child clay classes are located under the Youth heading)


PASTELS - Exploring the World of Pastels with Jackie Roux - $80

In this introduction to the medium of pastels, you'll use both hard and soft pastels on a variety of papers. We will explore composition, color and blending techniques using both still life and reference photos. Beginning with the basics of color, blending, application, and composition, each week will focus on a new study of observation. You'll create a new painting each week from either still life observation or photographic reference.

4 Wednesdays, 10:30am - 12pm, April 3, 10, 17, 24

PORTRAITS - Beginning Portrait Painting with Jackie Roux - $160

Working from your photographs and also live models, learn how to paint classic human portraits and also funky, contemporary ones using either oils or acrylics.  Some prior painting experience helpful but not necessary.

4 Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm, April 3, 10, 17, 24



Let's explore hue's.  We will take a palette of all the colors in the rainbow (starting with just the 3 primary colors) and mix each color into a gradient from light to dark.  This is a great class for learning how to mix paint, and understanding shading.  These gradient scales can be used as a reference for your future paintings!  Beginner to advanced painters welcome.

1 Friday, April 5th.  8:30am-10:30am.


SKETCHING & DRAWING - The Art of Sketching for Beginners with Lindsey Groomes - $140

If you have ever wanted to illustrate a book, draw a vacation spot or pet or remember a moment visually, this class is for you. Sketching, an informal way of drawing, is vital to paintings and more finished art and has a beauty of its own. In this class we will capture our surroundings and our imagination while exploring different techniques and how-tos.
Weather permitting, some outdoor sketching.

4 Mondays, 6pm - 9pm, May 6, 13, 20, June 3 (no class May 27)

FRIDAY MORNING ACRYLIC WORKSHOP - Abstract with Jackie Roux - $40

Did you like to paint as a kid, but don't know how to get started now that you are an adult?  Ever look at a blank canvas and think, "How do I start?" Let's tap into that childhood creativity, and create a beautiful and unique abstract painting.  I will guide you through some simple and inspiring steps that will unleash the abstract artist in you.  Will your finished work look like Picasso or Georgia O'Keefe?  Everyone's will turn out different.

1 Friday, May 3rd.  8:30am-10:30am.

FRIDAY MORNING ACRYLIC WORKSHOP - Fruit Still Life with Jackie Roux - $40

Every artist needs to paint a fruit still life, it's a right of passage!  I will provide the display of fruit, and you will paint what you see.  Whether you want it to look realistic or abstract is up to you.  I can help you paint a red apple, a blue apple, or even a square apple!

1 Friday, May 17th. 8:30am-10:30am.


FRIDAY MORNING ACRYLIC WORKSHOP - Flower Bouquet with Jackie Roux - $40

I will bring a bouquet of fresh flowers for our inspiration!  You can pick your style; realist or abstract, and paint a lovely bouquet.  Will you be inspired by Van Gogh's sunflowers, Monet's waterlillies or Georgia O'keefe's poppies?

1 Friday, May 31st.  8:30am-10:30am.


ACRYLIC - Painting Pet Portraits with Jackie Roux - $60

Bring with you a picture of your favorite animal, and working from a photo we will paint pet portraits.  There are many current/recent artists that have used pets and animals as inspiration.  I will share with you some images from contemporary artists for inspiration, and then you are free to paint your pet as you wish.  Your dog may be blue, or rainbow, or perhaps you will stay true to his/her natural brown fur color.  Beginner to advanced painters welcome.

2 Thursday evenings, June 6, 13.  6-8pm.

OIL - Oil Painting for All with Holly Hannon - $140

Explore oil painting at your own pace while painting subjects that you enjoy.  All aspects of oil painting will be covered including glazing, mixing colors, composition and how to achieve the different styles of oil painting for your finished art.  Work on canvas and learn how to choose the best styles for a painting and the steps to do so for your finished masterpieces!

4 Tuesdays, June 11, 18, 25 and July 9th.  6pm-9pm


DRAWING - Pencil 101 with Jackie Roux - $100

Adults crave and need creativity in their lives just as much (if not more) than kids, but they often put up obstacles in front of themselves.  The obstacle I hear most often is, "But I can't draw!"  Drawing is a skill that can be learned, and having some confidence in sketching is helpful for making outlines, rough drafts, and capturing your thoughts on paper.  We will do fun drawing exercises, and learn about the different types of pencils, erasers, and techniques for making marks and shading.  Beginners to intermediate skills are most appropriate for this class.

4 Friday mornings, August 23, 30th, September 6, 13th.  9:00am - 11:00am.