Every Monday from 12-2pm.

Adult Painting/Drawing/Mixed Media Open Studio is open to any grownup who wants to explore and strengthen their creative abilities. No technical arts experience is necessary. TAC has so many wonderful materials to offer in the art making process, and is a perfect space to make art without the pressures of using expensive materials or creating something "beautiful." It can be really challenging as an adult to rediscover the space of intuitive and free flowing creativity - that space that children access so naturally - and there is no better place to do it than TAC.

We ask that you use respectful studio etiquette while at TAC, including giving yourself and others space to create free from interruption. Food and drink is welcome at the drawing table, headphones are welcome, as is conversation. Everyone seems to find their own creative space in a slightly different way, and being aware of people's body language and creative processes are important. You are also welcome to bring your own materials, or use ones provided in the studio.

An instructor will be there to monitor and answer any questions, but you are free to create the art of your choosing.

Open Studio Cost is $10/session, priced monthly.