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Module 1 - Woodland & Landscape Photography: Overview & Lighting -
Tuesday, February 5 - 6:30-8:30 pm $25

• Taking snapshots versus making photographs
• Woodland and Landscape subjects and where to find them
• What makes good lighting and how to use it effectively

Module 2 - Woodland & Landscape Photography: Camera Controls/Techniques-
Tuesday, Feb 12,6:30-8:30 $25

• Raw vs. JPEG and why
• The dials; what they mean and how to use them
• Picking the right priority mode based on goals
• Bracketing shots, HDR, Panorama
• Using cable release and timers
• Overview of filters and what they do

Module 3-Woodland & Landscape Photography: Composition - Tuesday, February 19, 6:30 - 8:30 &25

• What is composition and why you need to know
• How to envision the image
• Finding your subject or focal point
• Tools (not rules) for strengthening your image

Module 4-Woodland&Landscape Photography: Getting the Shot,File Managing,Image Backup
Tuesday, February 26 6:30-8:30 $25

Tripods or handheld?
• Handy Apps to have in the field
• Use of filters
• Focusing methods, checking focus, focus stacking
• Deciding how to organize images
• Deciding about Lightroom or storing your photos
• All about backing up your files
• Posting to Facebook, Instagram, Vero
• “Hot-Wash” the shoot afterwards

Module 5-Woodland & Landscape Photography:Post Processing in Lightroom or Camera Raw
Tuesday, Mar 5,6:30-8:30 $25

• How to import your images.
• Culling and sorting
• Use of profiles and presets
• Developing Panel, Basics and Targeted Adjustments
• Exporting files for Social Media or Pri