Understanding your camera is just one of the course offerings in this studio. Learn what all the buttons, dials and settings are for on your new camera so you can take great photos. Photoshop and pinhole photography are some of the classes offered as well as photographing 3D art and portrait photography.

Pre-registration is required three days before the start of class or workshop.


Contrast and Color: A study of Black and White vs Color with Courtney Barnwell
Wednesdays ,April 4-25 , 4-6pm
How do you decide the finished look of your photography? Discover how to determine the impact of your photo and how you can enhance it’s content with your editing choices. Discuss when to present in color and when to convert to black and white and see examples that illustrate these points. Enjoy in class critique and discussion of classmates personal work. Class projects will culminate with a professionally printed book of your work created from in class assignment prompts.
Cost $105.00


Promote and Sell! with Kat Richey
Wednesdays, May 2-23 5pm-7pm
Practice in class with professional lighting equipment and backdrops to create perfect images of your own creations. Includes all 2D and 3D, jewelry, ceramics, and fabric. We will look at selected items provided in class and anything our participants bring in to have photographed! Upon completion of this course, students will be approved for open studio time with our table top equipment. First month of open studio is complementary with this class. If you are unable to bring a Camera, we will provide one for you to use. Ability to shoot in manual mode is a plus, but not required. Class will provide 2-3 finished digital images of your art.
Cost $80.00

Landscape Composition with Courtney Barnwell
Tuesdays, May 1-22 12pm-2pm
Study and practice great landscape composition and technique. The right time, place, and equipment used properly can reward you with a great experience and the perfect shot. You will be encouraged to seek out great views and capture them with your own unique perspective. Receive instruction on night photography and utilizing the golden hour as well as discussion and tips for perfecting your intent with depth of field. Class project will include one large format print of one of your images created during this course.
Cost $95.00