The photography studio offers classes in digital, traditional and alternative processes.  Learn how to take better photographs, and enjoy capturing images.

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Instructor: Philip Culbertson

Class: Macro Photography 

Summer is a great time for a macro photography class while there are lots of flowers and insects available! Macro photography is extreme close up photography, usually of small objects, to enhance their size and/or details. This class will be a four night workshop. Three nights will be  lecture/presentation based. The fourth, and final night, is a "hands-on” practice session where Philip will set up objects for students to practice photographing. Philip will provide individual assistance to the students as he circulates the classroom.

Date: July/August: July 19 and 26 / August 2 and 9: Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm

Resident: $15

Non-Resident: $30


Class: Outdoor Nature Photography Basics 

This four night workshop will cover the basics of nature, woodland, and landscape photography and techniques to capture compelling images.
This class/workshop will teach students:
•The differences in snapshots and compelling photographs
•The best file format based on desired goals for the images (raw or jpeg)
•How to locate good Wildlife, Woodland and Landscape subjects
•Understanding light and how to apply the knowledge in outdoor nature
•Landscape and nature photography composition
•Techniques and equipment for capturing images, camera controls, setting up the
•Digital file management, backup, and social media
•Overview of post processing

Expectations and Goals
When the course is completed (if doing all four modules), participants will be able
to use their basic camera gear to obtain and display/share meaningful and
compelling outdoor images of wildlife, woodlands or landscapes. Some examples
are photographs of:
Wildlife / Woodland scenes, interesting trees, and natural beauty found in forests / Rivers and waterfalls / Vistas / Structures

Required Materials
Camera, preferably DSLR or “point and shoot” with the ability to control exposure
and focus manually (we will work with whatever they have).
Tripod (doesn’t need to be an expensive model but should be sturdy with the
camera onboard).
Optional Materials
Cable Release, polarizing filter for the camera lens, ND filters 3-6-10 stop and
graduated ND filters.

Date: November 1, 8, 15, and 29: Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm (No class on Tuesday, November 22)

Resident: $15

Non-Resident: $30